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From uniform heat to flexibility and reliability, there are many benefits to using ElectroTex elements for your heating requirements. At the heart of every ElectroTex heating element is a custom sized piece of carbon coated fiberglass cloth. Unlike conventional wire or foil heating elements which have unheated spaces between hot strips of metal, our new age carbon heating elements provide a full and uniform heat distribution over their entire surface area. This superior coverage allows the ElectroTex heating element to heat an area more evenly, often using less wattage than other heating systems currently on the market.

The carbon coated fiberglass cloth gives the ElectroTex heating element complete flexibility and allows it to be formed to a variety of shapes and contours. The heating element itself is paper thin and can be fabricated to fit any number of size requirements. Additionally, ElectroTex heating elements can be manufactured to incorporate a multitude of industrial fittings and coverings, allowing ElectroTex heating elements to be integrated into virtually any application or system.

Our team of skilled designers has been working with carbon heating elements for over 35 years and the experience shows. When applied properly, ElectroTex heating elements can last for decades. Resistant to both corrosive and chemical deterioration, ElectroTex heating elements contain no metallic resistors and are not susceptible to metal fatigue failure, a common cause of failure in other heating systems. Contact our team to see how the ElectroTex heating element can benefit you and your heating needs today.