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Being a textile product may seem like a novelty in the electrical industry but the applications for ElectroTex heating elements are countless. With our ability to custom fabricate elements to virtually any size and specification, ElectroTex heating elements have been used to generate a reliable and even source of heat in a wide variety of consumer, commercial and industrial products and systems. Industries and applications currently using ElectroTex heating elements include:

Logistics – drum, barrel, tote and IBC heaters designed for the transport and storage of temperature sensitive or viscous materials

Commercial – mirror defogging, space heating, recreational vehicle heating systems, warm air recovery and ventilation

Farming – livestock and silo heating systems, root propagation systems

Environmental – heating and anti-icing of chemical storage tanks, survival suit lockers

Communications - satellite and telecommunication dishes, traffic system / cable relay and control panel enclosures

Food – storage and transport containers for food products and hot meal delivery

Military - thermal imaging weapon fire test and range targets

We at ElectroTex are always striving to broaden the scope of our designs and increase our heating element’s already incredible versatility. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, superior performance and custom designs continue to make ElectroTex heating elements the number one choice for OEM’s worldwide.

Contact a member of our design team today to determine how ElectroTex Element can provide the optimal heating solutions for your needs.