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At ElectroTex, the core of our business is the ability to create custom solutions for any heating requirement. The unique composition of the ElectroTex heating element combined with its reliability, durability and flexibility allows our team of specialists to tailor the product to suit virtually any heating need. The ElectroTex heating element itself is paper thin and can be fabricated to any dimension between 1 - 20 in. (25 - 500mm) wide and up to100 in. (2500mm) long with watt densities of up to 1500 watts/sq metre. Voltage specifications are also available to meet any international or North American requirements.

Our heating elements are available in rolls which can be finished at your location or ‘ready to install’ based on the application’s exact requirements. Electrical connectors and fittings can be integrated into the design allowing ElectroTex heating elements to be easily incorporated into assembly processes. ElectroTex heating elements can also be produced to include a multitude of coverings. From dielectric layers that improve performance, to robust outer layers that shield the element from water and UV damage, ElectroTex heating elements can be custom designed to fit almost every situation.

With 35 years of industry experience, ElectroTex can take the details of your desired application and determine the exact design specifications needed for maximum performance. At ElectroTex we love a challenge so contact our design team today with your heating requirements, whatever they may be.