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“Are there shape limitations?” - Our standard shapes are generally rectangular however we frequently solve many application shape challenges with unique methods and custom designs.

“Can I bend the heating element?” - The ElectroTex heating element should not be repeatedly flexed or folded in on itself but will curve to follow contours.

“Can I put holes in the heating element?” - Cutouts and holes can be integrated into heater design provided dielectric protection is maintained.

“What temp will the element run?” - We fabricate our heating elements to meet your specifications up to a maximum of 200°C. Temperature regulation is achieved using thermostats or controllers incorporated into the design of the system.

“How do you connect the heating element electrically?” - We currently employ over 40 different methods and/or parts that can be used to connect ElectroTex heating elements to various power sources depending on the system requirements.

“What is the lifespan of an ElectroTex heating element?” - When applied and used properly ElectroTex heating elements can last decades. The physical features of the carbon heating element itself make it resistant to the main causes of failure in other heaters currently on the market.

“Do you have a catalog?” - No, we custom tailor each ElectroTex heating element to suit our customers applications based on size, wattage and specific heat requirements. Contact our team today to find a solution that’s right for you.

For additional inquiries or to speak to an ElectroTex Element representative about a solution for your heating needs please contact our head office at (905) 897 - 5900 between the hours of 9am and 5pm (eastern standard time) or via email at contact@electrotexelement.com