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ElectroTex Element Corp manufactures high performance carbon graphite heating elements for use in a multitude of industries and applications. The ElectroTex heating element is a fiberglass based cloth coated with a blend of carbon and graphite, custom tailored to our customers exact specifications.

Unlike conventional heating elements which use metal wires to create localized temperature change, ElectroTex heating elements generate heat across their entire surface allowing for a more even distribution of heat, often while using less energy. The design of the ElectroTex heating element makes it resistant to the common causes of conventional element failure. Because they contain no wires or resistors, ElectroTex heating elements will not succumb to metal fatigue failures, giving them a longer life than most currently available conventional heating elements.

All our heating elements are custom designed to suit our customer’s unique and diverse project needs. ElectroTex heating elements can be manufactured in any size configuration ranging between 1 - 20 in. (25 - 500mm) wide and up to100 in. (2500mm) long. Specified wattage and voltage requirements are incorporated for use internationally or here in North America. With over 35 years experience creating custom heating elements for a variety of industries and applications, our team of heating specialists can tailor a solution to fit just about any requirement.